mike kane

founder and MANAGING director, kestrel Investments

Devon, Pennsylvania | Founding Member


Michael is the founder and managing director of Kestrel Investments, a single family office near Philadelphia.  Previously, he served as vice president of finance for Kane Is Able, Inc., a third-generation, family-owned logistics company based in Scranton, PA. Mike has served in senior management of operating companies, and has been an entrepreneur; he led an internet start-up company in Boston at the height of the “dot-com” era.  Mike has been recognized several times by his students for excellence in teaching during his twelve years of instructing college courses in philosophy and history. Mike holds an undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston College.  He has also studied at Oxford University and Freiburg University, Germany. Upon moving to the Philadelphia area in 2008, Mike co-founded “PourRichard’s Symposium,” a group devoted to the discussion of ideas and the enjoyment of wine in the spirit of Ben Franklin.  Mike’s blog can be found at the PourRichard’s website.