PathNorth began with a basic thought: leaders are more isolated than ever and must broaden their meaning of success.


We are a tribe of leaders trying to become better people. We share authentically inspiring stories to shape better and deeper leaders, companies, and communities. We foster conversations of significance for leaders to bring true meaning, authenticity, and fresh perspective to both work and life.

The intensity of the CEO’s job, coupled with the scarcity of peers to confide in, creates potentially dangerous feelings of isolation among chief executives. Fifty percent of all CEOs report experiencing loneliness in the role, and of this group, 61 percent believe that the isolation hinders their performance.
— Inc. Magazine, January 2012

It is not good for any of us to become isolated, particularly such gifted leaders with standing and influence. PathNorth has created a safe place where senior executives can share candidly with peers and acquire skills needed to navigate our demanding times. Through readings, regular calls, large gatherings and smaller more unique experiences, we help leaders identify practical approaches and fresh perspectives that better equip all of us to live more integrated and authentic lives.