Byron loflin 

CEO and Founder, Center for Board Excellence

Greensboro, North Carolina | PathNorth member since 2018

Byron Loflin_headshot.JPG

Byron is the founder of the Center for Board Excellence (CBE), and is the architect of CBE’s unique board assessment and advisory platform. At the center of CBE is a team of thought leaders, innovators, and experienced corporate governance professionals who bring insightful perspectives to CBE’s unique approach. Byron is recognized in the governance realm for his acumen in dealing with board dynamics, corporate culture, accountability and performance. His experience and expertise are in both the design and administration of assessments, as well as advising boards and executives in a full range of corporate governance matters including board refreshment, diversity, best practices, structures and strategic planning. He and his team have also administered hundreds of Directors & Officers, COC, FCPA, COI, AS18, and other custom compliance questionnaires and assessments.

His recent published works include: “Board Evaluations: Getting Aligned,” published by Nasdaq 2017, “Six Reasons Digital D&O Questionnaires Streamline Proxy Disclosure,” published by Nasdaq 2017 and “Board Evaluations 101,” 2016. He is a member of the Society for Corporate Governance, Institute of Directors (UK), and the National Association of Corporate Directors. Byron is a graduate of Harvard Business School and James Madison University.