dan hord III

partner, HEDLOC Investment Co. LLC and Western Property Group

Midland, Texas | Board Member


Dan is a partner in HEDLOC Investment Co. LLC, an oil and gas company, and Western Property Group, a commercial property development and leasing firm, both located in Midland, Texas. A graduate of Baylor in 1989, he holds BBA degrees in entrepreneurship and marketing. He serves on the advisory board of the Hankamer School of Business and the Baylor Executive Investment Committee. In addition, Mr. Hord serves on the board of directors for the Hord Foundation, Young Life (Lone Star Regional), Western International Gas and Cylinder, Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center, Midland Shared Spaces, Oil Patch Group, and PathNorth. He and his wife Jenni (BBA ’92) have triplets Hunt, Davis and Ellie, age 15.