Imagine 80 accomplished leaders drawn from the highest levels of business, finance, diplomacy, government, media and the arts, gathered to propose creative and 'non-obvious' solutions to vexing challenges facing our world.


Seated at rounds of 10, PathNorth members and their guests pitch their best 'non-obvious' ideas in only 2 mintues. Through spirited conversations, each table gains a greater understanding of the ideas at hand before they vote on the very best.  The 8 finalists then present their ideas to the entire group before a final vote occurs and a winner is determined.

So what is the PathNorth Non-Obvious Dinner? Simply put, it is an idea exchange. Everyone should come with a specific idea related to any facet of life. But the idea should be one that if it were actually executed would change something for the better within five years.

Secretary John Dalton and PathNorth members visit Cuba.

It was one of the best of Washington evenings thanks to your good idea to get smart, well-meaning people to think in the 'Non-Obvious' way. - Shelby Coffey, Chairman of the Newseum