These are the questions that have shaped our journey and given us a reason to pause and reflect on the meaning of success. 


We begin with a set of questions, each worthy of reflection. Take the time to write down your own answers and ponder them.

  1. Have you fully embraced your own story? (The good, the bad and the ugly)

  2. Who is your audience? (Who do you live to please?)

  3. What value do you place on authentic relationships?

  4. What is the place of gratitude in your life?

  5. How comfortable are you with risk?

  6. How do you define success and what is the place of failure, suffering and setback, in your definition?

  7. Are you a ‘giver’? (How does it manifest itself?)

  8. Do you live a fully integrated life?

  9. What is the importance of forgiveness in your life?

  10. What will be your legacy? (How much is enough?)