From private vineyards in Sonoma's spectacular wine country to unpacking lessons of World War II while journeying in London and France, PathNorth convenes leaders in business, government and charity, creating intentionally disruptive experiences to provoke deep self-reflection and contemplation of life's most important questions.


I continue to be amazed at the experiences that PathNorth repeatedly creates for its members. In our recent trip to London with tennis legend Stan Smith, many of us thought that tennis at Wimbledon would dominate our interest and thinking.  The tennis on center court was great, but the lunch at Dans La Noire (in the dark) owned and run by blind individuals who served us in the dark was more memorable. It was unsettling, life-changing, and terrific! Only in PathNorth!
Secretary John H. Dalton, Former Secretary of the Navy

PathNorth is a place where I enjoy spending meaningful time with others in similar business roles, expanding my exposure to different thinking and new perspectives, often in places beyond my routine environments. Like so many of us, I juggle a myriad of professional and personal responsibilities. Through its various gatherings, PathNorth fosters experiences that are uniquely conducive to engaging conversations on often over-looked but fundamental topics like self-reflection, gratitude and authenticity as common, inspiring themes.  
Carol Melton, Founder & CEO, Adeft Capital


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