Global Pay it Forward Day

As United States Ambassador for the Global Pay It Forward Day movement, I wanted to let you all know that Sunday, 4/28 is the big day! The world has enough negativity, and we are seeing a trend where positive news actually stands out in the crowd. I want to challenge each of you to consider how you can use your platform for good, both professionally and personally.

This Sunday, 86 countries across the world will unite with one common goal: to create the world's largest ripple of kindness ever. Our hope is that the wave of good that is created on this day will last far beyond that one day, taking us one-step closer to being a kinder, more inclusive world. 

I want to encourage you all to celebrate this year with a simple act of kindness for someone else. This HBR article beautifully articulates what kindness can do. Learn more about the movement by watching this video and learn more about the movement at

Making Kindness a Core Tenet of Your Company

by Bill Taylor | November 22, 2018 | Harvard Business Review

Scan the newspaper headlines, or switch on cable news for a few minutes, and it’s easy to conclude that we are living through harsh, mean, divisive times. But a recent column in the Washington Post reminded me of a truth that is even easier to overlook: Just as bad behavior tends to spread, so too does good behavior. Kindness, it turns out, is contagious. The column highlighted the work of Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki, who documents what he calls “positive conformity.” In his research, “participants who believed others were more generous became more generous themselves.” This suggests that “kindness is contagious, and that it can cascade across people, taking on new forms along the way.”