Non-Obvious Idea Dinner

Washington, DC

Idea Mavens!

What a great evening at the Metropolitan Club.  The ideas were flowing, fast and furious! Thanks for entering in to our PathNorth Non-Obvious Idea Dinner with such enthusiasm and a special thanks to Maserati North America for providing us with the opportunity to gather together. What follows is a summation of the various ideas that were shared over the course of the night.  As mentioned, if the past is any indication, there will be a number of you who will execute your ideas. Please keep us posted and remember, as Victor Hugo said: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Carpe Diem.



Bruce Spector

Issue: Currently, there is no process available for anyone that allows for easy access to healthcare information. When you have a serious problem, there is no one to turn to for help determining precisely what sort of services are needed and how to find the very best healthcare has to offer.

Idea: The same way that you can get turn-key financial services advice from top financial service advisors, there should be the same service that will provide this information for medicine. This would allow for anyone to have access to the very best healthcare has to offer ensuring better long-term results.


Christina Alfonso

Recruiting program for companies to find students during high school to sponsor college tuition by offering a job offer post-graduation in return (think ROTC)

Julie Butz

Introduce a Special Education curriculum that incorporates and focuses on life skills and practical lessons to give students a place in the world rather than frustrating them with subjects they’ll never fully comprehend or need.

Dr. John Grabow

Oral Hygienists are well equipped to complete dental cleanings but are required to have a dentist on site. Interest groups should lobby to allow hygienists to practice without the presence of a dentist to provide greater oral healthcare to low income communities.

Christian Lungarotti

Create an app that allows you to find available parking spots wherever you are. You would log into the map and, using GPS, it would tell you whether parking spots nearby are open. App users are incentivized by a points/rewards program. By creating a peer-to-peer economy of parking, individuals can rent out their parking spaces when they are out of town and communicate availability of parking spots for short-term use.

Jon Sopel

“Go Travel” - Mandatory University study abroad programs in unfamiliar countries/regions.

John Tompkins

Every couple should be required to go to 2 days of divorce court before their marriage certificate is approved.