The recent PathNorth trip to Iceland was terrific! The sights, experiences, and conversations were all thought provoking. Always wonderful too is the community that grows out of spending time with our PathNorth family! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting several new friends and chatting about things that matter, such as, ‘how does heritage factor into one’s life and outlook?’

Our guides could not have been more accommodating. One could not miss the sense of pride Icelanders hold for their country as demonstrated by the spirit in which they shared all aspects of their lives; from the magnificent waterfalls and quaint historic homes and churches, to the carefully packed lunches with family/handmade sandwiches and the extra gear available to keep everyone safe and comfortable! The Experience was amazing and one that I would recommend highly!

— Amy McGowan | Palm Beach, FL & Nantucket, MA | PathNorth member since 2017

Everywhere we went—we were the only people there—I have seen hundreds and hundreds of waterfalls…I’ve never walked behind one!

— Don Bielinski | Chicago, IL | PathNorth member since 2010

The destinations were second to none. This was the 100th country I have visited...I’ve never been to more remote locations. And the people—our PathNorth group—is what I’ll remember 10 years from now.

— Gil Kemp | Windermere, FL & Asse-le-Boisne, France | PathNorth member since 2017