manny garcia

president and ceo, Atlantic coast management 

Manny is proud to be the fourth generation in his family’s restaurant businesses—a family that has been called “one of Florida’s great restaurant families.” His family originally started the business in Tampa, FL and then moved to Orlando where they began with Burger King franchises, leading them to be known as a mega Burger King franchisee in Florida. Manny was the owner and operator of 55 Burger King restaurants in central Florida and 17 in north Florida and South Georgia,  in addition to five Pebbles Restaurants, Harvey’s Bistro, and Manual’s on 28th Restaurant in Orlando. Manny has been the CEO of Davgar Restaurants Inc. since May, 1969.  He serves as the CEO of Pebbles Inc. and has been the president & CEO of Atlantic Coast Management Inc. since 1996. 

Manny was the first franchisee of the famed Wahlburgers Restaurant (started in Massachusetts).  Manny is also on the board of directors of Carrolls Restaurant Group, Inc. and has served on both the Board of Burger King Corporation and the board of trustees of Florida State University. 

Manny was born in Tampa, Florida. He holds a degree from Cornell University. He is an avid runner; he has completed two New York Marathons, a London Marathon and two Walt Disney Marathons.