John carney

founder and ceo, marI, llc


John is an innovator, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He is the founder and CEO of MARi LLC, a personal analytics platform for school and career. Leading a small team of software engineers, UX designers, and data scientists, John and his team are creating a powerful tool that will more effectively help people reach school and career goals. Additionally, John leads Carney Inc., an organization dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations accelerate their performance. Passionate about health and fitness, John has been in the Quantified Self Movement for years. Mixed in with his business passions, John recharges and challenges himself through personal adventures such as climbing the seven summits, expeditions to the North and South Poles, marathons, Ironman triathlons, and various bike and hike treks. Along the way, he has met amazing people with inspiring stories from diverse cultures and backgrounds - each time reigniting his belief in the positive power of the human spirit.