bruce douglas

founder and CEO, Harvard Development Company

Toledo, Ohio | PathNorth member since 2010

Bruce Douglas Headshot.jpg

Bruce is the CEO and founder of Harvard Development Company, a real estate development organization specializing in urban revitalization and rejuvenation through the development of civic-minded projects in underprivileged communities. Bruce is the author of the book An Entrepreneur is for All Seasons. Throughout his career he has founded and led multiple companies and a nonprofit policy center. Douglas founded and was the chairman and chief executive officer of The Douglas Company, a construction and engineering firm that specializes in health care, elderly housing, and multi-family and retail construction. He is also the founder of the New Ohio Institute, a nonprofit policy center focused on finding and carrying out solutions to urban problems. Bruce has served on the boards of numerous educational and cultural organization. In his free time he enjoys running, rowing, tennis and croquet.